*Egyptian *Jewelry*
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Historic Egyptian Jewelry

Cascade Earrings



Ear 7B (Silver/gold) $13

Ear 136 (Silver/gold) $12

Ear 36 (Silver/gold) $13

Ear 36B (Silver/gold) $15

Ear 39 (Silver) $13

Ear 12 (Silver) $13

Ear R1 (Silver) $12

Ear R2 (Silver/Gold) $12

Ear 18 (Silver/Gold) $12

CJEar 38 (Silver/Gold) $12

Ear R3 (Silver) $13

Ear K (Silver/Gold) $17

CJEar 37 (Silver/Gold) $13


Costume Jewelry- silver

Historic Egyptian Jewelry - All colection=wholesale price: US$350

Egyptian Earrings- wholesale price:US$6.25





Silver Bracelet Jewelry Set- *One silver Nefertiti Bracelet &One silver Nefertiti Earring - US$ 97

Silver Anch Set -One silver Bracelet +One silver Necklaces +One silver earring US$110

Sterling Silver Bastet Pendant and Chain The alluring ancient Egyptian cat goddess in sterling silver. Pendant is 1-1/4" high, chain is 17" long Price: $48.50

Nefertiti Pendant and Chain Price: $ 35.00

Eye of Horis The ancient Egyptian symbol for the eye of the god Horus in 18K solid gold incorporates other pharonic symbols including an asp, pyramids, Isis and the staff of life. Pendant is 3/4" high and 7/8" wide.Price: $25.00

Kambiz Necklace Chain necklace with medallion at center and lots of dangling coins. Gold or silver Code: 401AZ- price:$24

Oxyde Coin Necklace-Coin necklace accented with tiny colorful beads.Code: 407AZ-price:$24

Small Hellal Necklace-Chain necklace with small crescent shape at center and lots of dangling coins-Code: 403AZ-price:$24

Kambiz 2 Necklace-Chain necklace with medallion at and lots of dangling coins. Gold or silver.-Code: 402AZ-price:$24

Heart Necklace-Chain necklace with heart at center and lots of dangling coins. Gold or silver.Code: 404AZ-price:$24

Coin Necklace -Kerdan Nahass chain inverted pyramid necklace with small coins in silver color.price:$24

Coin Necklace-Kerdan Nahass chain inverted pyramid necklace with small coins in gold color -Code: 405PR-price:$24

Coin choker Choker with small coins in gold color around collar and in inverted pyramid in front-Code: 406PR

Silver choker

Red or blue Ankh 2" necklace-Item # 3251A-price:US$14.25

Blue ankh necklace-Item # 3174-Price:US$14

Egyptian Earrings- wholesale price:US$6.25

White Ankh 2" necklace -Item # 3251C-wholesale price:$7.50

Ankh- Key of life-made made from silver-price:US$18





For Protection

  • Put this in your business place
  • Over the door in your home
  • On your rear view mirror in your auto
  • Use as jewelry !

$13.00 each

$22/ 2 mix or match

Blue EYE

Hand Earring #1- Silver
Hand Earring #2 - Gold
Blue Hand

Hand Earring #3 - Silver
Hand Earring #5

Blue Glass Eye Dipped in Gold
GLEYESM - Small size $16.00
GLEYELG - Large $20.00